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Governing Council 2015-17


Dr Ashok Chanana
President, PAFMAT


Dr Rajiv Joshi
Gen. Secy, PAFMAT


Dr Akashdeep Aggarwaal
Treasurer, PAFMAT


No PAFMAT/GBM/9/2011 Dated September 18, 2011 (Sunday)

Time: 11-00 A.M. Venue: Maharani Club Patiala.

Agenda of the GBM Dated September 18, 2011

1        Meeting called to order.

2        Message of inability to attend.

3        Introduction of the new enrolled life members.

4        Confirmation of the minutes of the GBM dated June 8, 2011.

5        10 th Annual Conference of PAFMAT.

6        Directions of the Hon. High Court of Punjab & Haryana on Computerized Medico Legal Injury & Post mortem reports.

7        Budget allocation for updating mortuaries of State Medical Colleges.

8        State Medico Legal Advisory Board.

9        Journal of PAFMAT & Report of the Editor-in-Chief.

10 Report of the Finance Secretary & Audit of the accounts.

11 Election of the Office bearers for the Year 2011-13.

12 Any other with permission of the Chair.

13 Vote of thanks.

Minutes of the GBM:  September 18, 2011

Venue: Maharani Club Patiala, Time: 11-00 A.M.


1.      Meeting was called to order by the president in chair.

2.      Message of inability to attend was received from Dr Parmod Goyal and Dr Kuldeep Singh.

3        Passed with no new member.

4        Minutes of the GBM dated June 8, 2011 were read, with matters arising out of the of the minutes discussed and resolved as under:

a.       Medico Legal manual being prepared by Dr DS Bhullar on behalf of the Academy will be sent to the concerned Punjab Govt. authorities and that the Academy will appeal for study the ML Manual of the state of Haryana which the state government proposes to implement in the state of Punjab.

b.      Annual contribution of Rs. 300/- from life members will be deposited to the treasurer by 31 st March of each year.

c.       On the pattern of Haryana state, the Punjab Government should give Rs. 2500/- per postmortem case to the autopsy team.

d.      The Academy must hold regular meetings with the higher state authorities for updating medico legal services in the state of Punjab.

5        Dr D. Harish consented to organize 10 th annual conference of the Academy in Chandigarh. The date will be decided in a week and that the delegate fee will be Rs. 300-500/-.

6        The academy welcomed decision of the High Court of Punjab & Haryana for its order on preparing computerized medico legal injury and post mortem reports by doctors in the state but will demand from the government to supply the required equipment, data entry operators and machinery etc. for preparing the reports.

7        The Academy took a serious note of the allocation of budget to the state forensic medicine departments for updating the mortuaries the poor state of the mortuaries in state medical colleges and the concerned authorities for not following the directions of NHRC for improving the mortuaries. It was resolved to write to the concerned authorities.

8        It was resolved to take up the matter of constitution of State Medico Legal Advisory Board with the state government for improving medico legal services and that the board will have HODs of Forensic Medicine of state government medical colleges, senior most civil surgeons OR civil surgeons/ SMOs with specialty of forensic medicine and president of PAFMAT as its members.

9        Dr Anil Garg Joint Editor of the Journal of PAFMAT informed that next issue of the journal was ready and can be released in the annual conference of the Academy.

10 It was resolved to get the accounts of the academy audited by the incoming treasurer by 31.03.2012 jointly with the past treasurer.

11 The president Dr DS Bhullar dissolved the executive body and the process of the election of the office bearers of the Academy was completed by unanimously electing the following members as the office bearers for the year 2011-13:

a.       President: Dr D.Harish.

b.      Vice President: Dr Harjinder Singh.

c.       General Secretary: Dr K. Dutt Chawli.

d.      Joint Secretary: Dr Akash Deep Aggarwal

e.       Treasurer: Dr Amandeep Singh

f.        Editor-in-Chief: Dr DS Bhullar

g.       Joint Editor-cum-Web Master: Dr Anil Garg.

h.      Executive Members: Dr Harish Tuli, Dr KK Aggarwal, Dr SS Oberoi, Dr Didar Singh, Dr Ajay Kumar all present, and after consent Dr RK Gorea, Dr Kuldeep Singh, Dr Vishal Garg, Dr Rajiv Joshi, Dr Varinder Pal singh, Dr JS Dalal and Dr Ashok Chanana.

i.         Advisors : Dr AS Thind, Dr RK Gorea, Dr K. Vij, Dr Jagdish Gargi and any other as desired by the president with consent of the house.

12      It was discussed before agenda No. 11 and passed as under:

a.       A sum of Rs. 3000/- spent in advance by Dr Anil Garg for updating website of PAFMAT for three years from 15-8-2011 to 14-8-2014 was passed and sanctioned.

b.      The house was informed that two of its life members attended one conference last month in South Africa.

c.       The tenure of the present executive body from 31-03-2011 till date was regularized.

d.      It was resolved to update e-mail IDs of the PAFMAT members for better communication and functioning of the academy.

       13     Vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Harjinder Singh.

 Minutes of meeting written by Dr DS Bhullar on behalf of General Secretary Dr Harjinder Singh



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