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Governing Council 2015-17


Dr Ashok Chanana
President, PAFMAT


Dr Rajiv Joshi
Gen. Secy, PAFMAT


Dr Akashdeep Aggarwaal
Treasurer, PAFMAT


PAFMAT/EBM/ Dated December 26, 2015 (SATURDAY)

Minutes of the Executive Body Meeting of PAFMAT held on 26.12.2015 at GMC , Amritsar  

Following life members of the Academy attended the meeting

  • Dr. Ashok Chanana
  • Dr. Gurmanjit rai
  • Dr. D.S.Bhullar
  • Dr. Rajiv Joshi

Dr.Parmod Goyal

  • Dr. Shilekh Mittal.
  • Dr.Kuldeep kumar




  • Meeting called to order and welcome by President PAFMAT.
  • Message of inability to attend meeting by Executive members.
  • Transfer of office record from Previous General secretary to present General Secretary.
  • Change of operation of bank account from previous office bearer to present one.
  • To contact Dr. R.K Gorea to do the needful, regarding closing of another account of PAFMAT and transfer of the existing amount from the previous account into present account.
  • Regarding approval of new life membership (if any).
  • To sanction expenses incurred by Dr. Anil Garg (web master) for renewing PAFMAT website domain up to September 2017.
  • To finalize next date of 14th conference /CME of PAFMAT going to be organized in 2016 by Department of Forensic and Toxicology at GMC, Sector-32, Chandigarh.
  • To consider and if need arises to discuss regarding the discrepancy of office bearers of first Governing Council of PAFMAT as raised by Dr Dasari Harish in his email sent to President and General Secretary.
  • Amendments in TA/ DA rules as per Punjab and Haryana high court since 1999
  • To discuss about the efforts made regarding Pubmed indexing of the Journal of Punjab Academy of Forensic medicine and Toxicology.
  • Facility of Video conferencing for court evidence should be available in the Departments of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology of State Medical Colleges.
  • Discussion regarding Medleper Software.
  • Any other agenda with permission of President
  • Vote of Thanks
  • Lunch

  Proceedings of PAFMAT:

Item No. 1  . Dr. Ashok Chanana, President (2015-17) welcomed all the members.

Item No. 2.   . Dr. Dasari Harish and Dr. Anil Garg conveyed their inability to attend the meeting which was approved by the house.

Item No.3 : Transfer of records from Previous General secretary to present General Secretary was conducted. Present general secretary requested that record should stay with president at GMC Amritsar and house approved it..

Item No.4.   Bank account was transferred from previous officer bearer to present office bearer.

Item No.5 . General Secretary (Dr. Rajiv Joshi) was asked to contact Dr. R.K Gorea regarding closing of another account of PAFMAT and transfer of the existing amount from the previous account into present account

Item No.6 : Five Membership requests were received from doctors namely Dr.S.Vallipan (PGJR Chandigarh), Dr. Preet inder singh (PG JR GMC Chandigarh), Dr. Harvinder singh (PGJR ,GMC ,Chandigarh),Bhoj Kumar Sahu (PGJR,GMC,Chandigarh),Dr.Arun kumar Maria, Professor & Head, Adesh Medical college, Bathinda.  Al l new Membership was approved by the house.

Item No. 7.  Board members approved the refund of amount of Rs.1550/- as expenses incurred by Dr.Anil Garg for renewing PAFMAT website domain up to sept.2017 and issued cheque of that amount.

Item NO. 8 . President told the members that Dr.Dasari Harish had conveyed regarding conduction of 14 th PAFMAT conference cum CME in last week of August 2016 at GMC,Chandigarh

Item No. 09.  . Matter regarding the discrepancy of office bearers of first Governing Council of PAFMAT as raised by Dr Dasari Harish through email sent to president and General Secretary were conveyed to members. Members said that matter will be discussed in next meeting, since Dr. Harish is not present in the present meeting.

Item No. 10.   Agenda regarding TA/DA for court evidence was dropped, since members felt that as now, most of evidences are conducted through Video-conferencing.

Item No. 11.   Matter regarding Pub med indexing of Journal of PAFMAT was discussed. Dr. D.S.Bhullar(editor JPAFMAT) and Dr. Shilekh Mittal (Joint Editor) were asked to continue efforts for pub-med indexing of journal.

Item NO. 12.   Agenda for installation of Video-conferencing facility in the Forensic medicine department was discussed. Members felt that facility should be there at department. Dr.Shilekh mittal, Associate Professor, G.G.S Medical college had shown a letter regarding this issued from High court, in which nodal officers were asked to install video conferencing facility at their department.

Item NO. 13.  Matter regarding Medleaper software had been discussed. Most of members felt that this software is difficult to operate and it should be made user friendly. Dr. Shilekh Mittal was asked to prepare new Performa .Dr. Parmod Goyal said that Private institution should also be allowed Medico legal autopsy works and cost of buying soft-ware should be exempted from private institutions . Dr. D.S.bhullar told that Haryana doctor association is going to challenge direction of high court directions regarding computerization of Medico-legal works

Item No. 14  . Dr. D.S.Bhullar conveyed that he wanted to conduct mid -year CME at govt. Medical college, Patiala in Ist week of May 2016. Members approved it.

Item No. 15. Dr DS Bhullar also proposed to give additional responsibility to Dr Anil Garg as Executive Editor, JPAFMAT along with webmaster. Members approved it.

Item No.16 The meeting was closed with vote of thanks by Dr. D.S. Bhullar (Editor, JPAFMAT)

Lunch was served to all members. 



Dr. Rajiv Joshi

General Secretary (2015-17),PAFMAT


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