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Governing Council 2015-17


Dr Ashok Chanana
President, PAFMAT


Dr Rajiv Joshi
Gen. Secy, PAFMAT


Dr Akashdeep Aggarwaal
Treasurer, PAFMAT


PAFMAT General Body Meeting dated August 27, 2016

Venue: Govt. Medical College Chandigarh

Time: 5-00 P.M.


The following members attended the meeting:-

Dr Gurmanjit Rai, Dr DS Bhullar, Dr Rajiv Joshi, Dr Parmod Goyal, Dr Shilekh Mittal, Dr Harpreet Singh and Dr Akashdeep Aggarwal.


Agenda wise minutes of the meeting

    • Meeting called to order :-

Meeting was called to order by Vice President in chair Dr Parmod Goyal with welcome to the members.

  • Message of inability to attend the meeting: - Nil.
  • Approval of the membership of new members:-

Seven membership requests were received from doctors namely Dr. Nikhil Mehta, Dr.Amit Singla (GMC Patiala), Dr. Shekhar, Dr. Manoj and Dr. Kamaljeet (GMC Asr), Dr. Navroz Goyal and Dr. Gurjeet Singh. Membership of all these new members was approved by the house.

  • Action taken report:

The house approved the Mid-Year CME programme organized on May 14, 2016 by the department of Forensic Medicine Government Medical College Patiala with resolution of thanks for the department.

The house also congratulated the journal Editorial team for regularly publishing the journal.

The house congratulated Dr. D. Harish and his team for successfully organizing the PAFMATCON-2016 by the department of Forensic medicine & Toxicology Government Medical College Chandigarh.

  • Report of the Secretary Finance:-

Dr Akashdeep Aggarwal Secretary Finance was requested to prepare the accounts report of the academy for the next meeting of the house.

  • Report of the Editor-in-Chief:-

The house was appraised about the financial difficulties being faced for the regular printing and publication of the journal of the academy. It was unanimously decided that Rs. 100/- (one hundred only) extra will be collected for the journal account as academy fee from the delegates attending the conferences of the academy in future apart from the delegate fee charged by the organizing team and it will be the responsibility of the organizing committee to hand over the collection immediately to the Editor-in-Chief. The issue of charges for publications in the journal from the article contributors was deferred on the request of Editor-in-Chief.




  • PAFMAT Website:-

The house approved the refund of amount of Rs.1550-00/- as expenses incurred by Dr. Anil Garg for renewing PAFMAT website domain up to September 2017 and issued cheque of that amount.

  • Protocol of the PAFMAT leaders in the annual conferences:-

Dr. DS Bhullar told the house that the protocol regarding sitting plan of PAFMAT leaders on the dais in PAFMAT conferences had been approved in the past and it is clear that President and General Secretary will be on dais in addition to other dignitaries invited by the organizing team. General Secretary will read the annual report. Certificate will be signed by both President and General Secretary. This was a lapse on the part of organizing team of PAFMAT-2016 and this should not be repeated in next conferences. House agreed on this point.

It was further resolved to prepare a Performa of the PAFMAT on the guidelines of the annual conferences to be signed by the General Secretary of PAFMAT and the Organizing Secretary of the conference at the time of allocation of the conference.

  • Due representation to the senior faculty in the academic activities.

It was unanimously agreed that senior members and faculty of the academy should be given due representation and honor irrespective of the academic designations during the annual conferences.

  • Security for the Forensic Experts:- 

Dr. DS Bhullar suggested that PAFMAT should send demand to government for providing personal security to the forensic medicine experts dealing with criminal cases due to threat perception and it was decided to write to the state Government.

  • State Medico-Legal Advisors:-

It was resolved that all Heads of the Forensic Medicine under the Government of Punjab should be designated as State Medico-Legal Advisors and given the perks and facilities accordingly.

  • Life Membership Fee:-

It was resolved to increase the life membership of the academy from the current Rs. 1000-00/- to Rs. 1500-00/- from the year 2017 onwards.

  • PAFMATCON-2017:-

Dr DS Bhullar proposed to organize the PAFMATCON-2017 in Government Medical College Patiala by the department of Forensic Medicine in case there is no other claimant for the conference. It was resolved to finalize the host and the date of the next conference in the next meeting of the executive body after two months.

  • Vote of thanks:-

The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. Gurmanjit Rai.


Dr. Rajiv Joshi

General Secretary (2015-17) PAFMAT



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